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Power Gains from ECU Remapping in association with Topgear Tunning

At Qwik Lube we have been re-mapping cars of all types for a number of years with great success. We were recently approached by one of our customers who operate a farm in East Lothian as he was experiencing performance issues with his John Deere Tractor and wondered if there was anything we could do to help.

We quickly sprang into action and contacted our Tuning Partner Top Gear to see if there was anything we could do to help! Following the exact same procedure we have mastered over the years on cars we successfully re-mapped his tractor and solved his problems overnight.


The Engine on the tractor appears to have been tuned to operate effectively in only the upper rev range of the engines parameters. This was causing the following problems for the operator and effectively rendering the tractor out of action.

  • Engine working at maximum RPM
  • Engine stall occurring around 1600 RPM
  • Higher Fuel costs due to having to run engine at max power when ploughing
  • Lack of confidence when pulling out of junctions on to the carriageway. In some instances the tractor would stall putting the driver and other motorists in harm’s way.


  • Tractor no longer stalls in lower rev range
  • Reduced engine RPM required when ploughing, reduced from between
    2000RPM & 1800RPM to 1100RPM with more power & torque available
  • Significantly lower fuel costs
  • Less wheel slip
  • Less soil damage
  • More production days as confidence and performance have been restored
  • Less driver fatigue due to enhanced productivity and output of tractor
  • Less wear and tear on engine.
  • Q: Will this affect my warranty?

    A: No, all re-maps operate within the safe working limits of the engine and are untraceable.

    The John Deere tractor in this case study was only 3 months old when we were approached with the problems listed and the warranty was still very much active on the tractor. Since we have re-mapped the tractor it has subsequently been back to a John Deere appointed dealer twice for Servicing with no issues.

  • Q: How Do I go about arranging a re-map for my Tractor?

    A: We understand that getting a Tractor down the motorway to one of our centres may be problematic so we will come to you.

    We have a mobile unit which will attend your farm meaning you will only need to have the tractor available for an hour or so for us to gather the required MAP information. All our maps are bespoke so are actually written for your specific tractor, we will attend site, download the require file, then return back to the depot to work with our Tuning partner Top Gear to create the enhanced engine map, return to site and upload the file into the tractors on-board computer.

    We will in most cases aim to return on the same day, however in some instances it may be a 24 hour turnaround time, however your tractor will not be out of action as it will still operate as normal once we have downloaded the required information.

  • Q: What guarantees are in place?

    A: As with all our re-maps we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. If you are not satisfied in any way shape or form we will return to site and return your tractor back to its original MAP as we keep all original MAP files.

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